Our Computing Vision - Computing is a life skill so lessons should be meaningful, and relevant to daily life. Computing should be Safe. Computing should be challenging with high expectations. Computing should be fun.

At Sandown Primary School we have embraced the new Computing curriculum and re-designed our approach to create a challenging, meaningful and relevant curriculum to equip our children with the digital skills they need for their futures.

In addition to our normal class curriculum we also hold whole school e-safety events each term and also take part in the 'Hour of Code' annually.

Our Computing Curriculum is broken down into 3 sections:

Digital Literacy
Computer Science
Information Technology
Digital Literacy

How to understand and present digital information as well as interact with it safely and appropriately.

Computer Science

How computers work, how to write algorithms and solve problems to create a computer programme.

Information Technology

How data is represented and managed on computers.

This can then be broken down into the following 4 strands:


  • How do we use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly
  • Where do we go for help and support?
  • What should we keep private?


How do computer networks work?

                        What can we do on the internet?

                        How can we communicate and collaborate with others?

                        How do we search for and retrieve digital content?

                        How do we evaluate digital content?

Presentation/ Maths/ Images – How do we use technology purposefully to create, organise,        store, manipulate and retrieve digital content?

ProgrammingHow do we create and debug programmes?

                            How do you we sequence, selection and repetition in programmes?

                            What are algorithms and how will they help us solve problems

                            How can we develop logical thinking to explain and correct errors in algorithmsand programmes?

Digital Leaders' Rap!



In addition to Computing lessons, pupils are given the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities such as Computing Club and we also have our specialist Digital Leaders whose role is to assist pupils and staff alike. We've also held 'Code Camps' during the school holidays.