Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for my child to come to Sandown Primary School?

Come to the school office any time between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm and ask for your child's name to be put on our admissions list.  The official admission form for Foundation Stage entry will be available from the office during the autumn prior to your child starting school.

Further information is available on the East Sussex County Council Website here.

What happens when my child is due to leave the school?

Most children transfer to The Hastings Academy, William Parker School or Helenswood School.  You may visit these schools by arrangement with the respective school receptions.

What if my family wants to take a holiday in term time?

You must fill in a holiday request form which you can get from the school office. Unless there are exceptional circumstances the holiday will not be authorised.

What do I do if my child needs to see a doctor or dentist during school hours?

Please ensure that whenever possible medical appointments are made out of school hours. If your child has an appointment during school hours then this will count as an unauthorised absence. If this appointment is during school hours please inform the office. Collect your child from the office. Bring your child back to school after the appointment whenever possible.

What do I do if my child is ill and cannot attend school?

Let the Attendance Officer know on the first day of absence and before 9.30.

What do I do if the doctor prescribes medicine to be taken during school hours or my child suffers from asthma?

Come to the office and fill in a permission slip. Bring the medicine to the office yourself or ask another adult to do so for you. DO NOT send the medicine in with your child. We can only give medicine prescribed by a doctor. No other medicine should be sent to school. Come and talk to the office staff. They are qualified first aiders and will reassure you about the care we will offer your child in school.

What if my child gets head lice?

Don't panic! Ask advice from the school office or your health visitor or doctor. Treat the hair immediately then send your child back to school. The best treatment is to wash or condition hair daily and comb thoroughly with a special "nit comb".

What if my child has an accident in school?

We have fully-qualified first-aiders in school, who are able to deal with your child. If a serious accident occurs, or we are in any way concerned over the health of your child, we will contact you immediately. If we are unable to get in touch with you, or your emergency contact, we will, if necessary, take your child to hospital and stay with him or her until you arrive.

What if I'm delayed and cannot pick up my child at 3.20 pm?

Let us know as soon as possible. We will look after your child and reassure him or her, until you arrive. Should you not arrive by 3.30pm we will place your child in the Sunset Afterschool Club where they will be looked after by qualified staff whilst being able to play and learn until you arrive.

What if I want someone else to collect my child at 3.20 pm?

Tell us yourself by phone, or in writing. We will not let your child go home with anyone we do not know.

Where can I park my car?

In the road adjacent to the school, but not by the school gates or on the yellow zigzag lines. Please do not park in the carpark as this is for staff only.

Can my child bring his / her pet into school?

Only when invited to as part of the child's work in school.

Can I smoke in the school grounds?

No. The school and its grounds are no-smoking areas for health and safety reasons.

What if I want to discuss my child's progress?

Make an appointment through the school office to see your child's class teacher after school or contact your childs teacher directly through Class Dojo.

What if my child has a food allergy or special diet?

Come and discuss it with us. We have not yet met with a problem we cannot solve!

What if I want to complain?

There are three stages which you should go through with any complaint:

Stage 1: Discuss the issue first, if appropriate, with your child's class teacher, the Deputy Head or Headteacher.
Stage 2: Put in a formal complaint, in writing, to the Governing Body.
Stage 3: Put in a formal complaint, in writing to the County Council.

Further advice may be obtained from the school office.

What if I want to help in school?

Wonderful! Come and talk to your child's class teacher, the Deputy Head or Headteacher.

Is there a Parent Teacher Association?

Yes, it is called PTA. Every parent is automatically a member.

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