Welcome to Sandown Primary School

On behalf of the staff and governors, I would like to welcome you to Sandown Primary School where we strive to enable all members of the school and wider community to be ‘the best that we can be’. This prospectus is designed to enable you to see the core values and ethos of the school and become familiar with school procedures and routines.

The core values and ethos of the school are set out in our vision statement. Our overall goal is to provide a ‘quality education’ for every child. To enable this to happen the school aims to ‘bring home and school together’ by developing close relationships with children, families and the wider community. This helps support children to develop and grow into well rounded individuals and foster ‘high aspirations’ for their futures.

At Sandown School we understand that the path to success is not always easy, and therefore, we aim to develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural values by ‘nurturing everyone’. This ensures each child is given the tools to grow, flourish and ultimately become successful in adult life.

Through high expectations of everyone in the school community we support children and adults to try their best and take ‘pride in all we do’. With this positive ethos embedded throughout the school we hope to support children and adults to engage with and take advantage of the many and varied opportunities we offer here at the school.

I hope this has clearly set out what we aim to achieve for the children at Sandown School but if you have further questions please contact me through the school office.

Thank you for your time

C Lindsay

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