Year 2 - Beech & Cherry Classes

Term 5

Term 4

Wow – What a fantastic term we have had in Year 2. During our topic of ‘Castles’, Year 2 have explored the different features of Castles and learnt about the people that lived in them. They loved the opportunity to visit Bodiam Castle and were able to see all the features they had learnt about in real life. They especially loved trying on different types of armour that would have been worn and carefully walking up and down the winding turrets. The children asked some fantastic questions and were so engaged.

The whole school threw themselves into ‘Aspirations Week’ in which children were able to explore different career, leisure and community aspirations. Through-out the week, Year 2 had visitors including Financial Advisors, a Veterinary nurse, a 999 Call Operator, a Lift Operator and an animator! The children took over the school during ‘Sandzania’ which saw every child take on different roles including, chefs, cleaners, first Aiders and in charge of reprographics. The children agreed that their favourite activity was cleaning the Oscars and filling in the Log Book in Mr Lindsay and Mrs Tugwells office.

Well done to Year 2 for throwing themselves into all these exciting learning that has taken place this term and having High aspirations in all they do. We look forward to next term!

Term 3

Term 3 started with a luxurious ‘Titanic Tea Party’ to introduce our topic for the term.  Children came to school in their best clothes, as first class passengers, about to board the unsinkable Titanic. Prior to our tea party, the children wrote instructions on how to make a sandwich, then using their instructions made sandwiches for the tea party. Once handing in their boarding cards, the children played traditional card games and dominoes, participated some dancing before sitting for afternoon tea.  The children had a wonderful time and really got into the spirit of what it would have been like to have travelled on the Titanic.

Half way through the term, we held a ‘Teach My Family English Party.’ This was to share what and how English is being taught to year 2 pupils. We looked at skills required to read fluently, questions to ask to aid the understanding of a text, phonics and applying phonic knowledge and spellings.  The event was very well attended and the children enjoyed playing teacher with their adults.

Term 2

Nativity Photos

Father Christmas Gets In A Muddle
What a fun afternoon Year 2 and Year 5 have spent together! This morning, Monday 19th December, Year 5 had an unexpected delivery of letters to their classrooms but the letters weren't for the correct children. After a little bit of detective work, we worked out that they belonged to Year 2. The Year 2 children were so excited to receive their beautiful letters from Father Christmas which the Year 5 children read aloud to them. It was lovely to see the children working together and having fun. But the fun did not stop there... The Year 5s then taught the Year 2s about pointillism, a technique of painting, and worked with them to create some beautiful Christmas cards. We look forward to sharing our learning together again soon.

What a fantastic term we have had in Year 2! The term started with a Jurassic theme as Year 2 welcomed ‘Rockanaurus’ to Hastings Beach during Storytelling week. Through cross-curricular activities, the children explored how Rockanaurus felt being displaced from his normal surroundings. The children enjoyed writing poems, creating ‘split pin dinosaurs’, resulting in a Fantastic Finish with a storytelling parade both in school and in town.

Thank you to the parents who joined us for our ‘Teach My Family’ Maths workshop. The children enjoyed sharing their learning with you and playing games to help improve their fluency of number facts. Feedback from parents has been very positive for both this event and our Art workshop. Watch this space for future events!

Our Nativity, ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ has been helping the children re-tell the Nativity story through the medium of drama, dance and song. The children threw themselves into learning their lines and songs to create a fabulous performance for all.

We hope you have a restful and happy holidays. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Year 2!

Term 1

Battle of Hastings Re-enactment

Today marked the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and to remember this event, Year 2 spent the afternoon learning all about the Saxons and Normans. After some mask making, the children got into role as either the Saxons or Normans and proceeded to march to the field. After some chanting and re-enactment the Normans (Beech class) defeated the Saxons (Cherry Class). What an exciting afternoon we had!

battle-1 battle-2

Wild Things

What a fantastic start to the year we have had in Year 2. The children have embraced our ‘Wild Things’ topic through exploring the local habitats in Science and the continents in Geography. The children are discovering a continent each week; this week they learnt about Africa through genuine artefacts from that continent. 

The children enjoyed exploring the habitats within our school environment during our stunning start and then had a cosy movie afternoon watching ‘The Wild Thornbury’s.

Beech class won the attendance prize and therefore all children were able to feed and care for the school chickens for the week. In addition, they were surprised with a bonus visit from ‘1066 Reptiles’ who brought in a range of reptiles, including Bearded Dragons, African Land Snails and an enormous snake!

In Maths, we have had a real focus on place value and oral recall of numbers. The children are enhancing their understanding of place value through using practical resources such as dienes, numicon, hundred squares and numberlines.

We have been thrilled about the number of children on our new ‘pot of gold’ this term and have celebrated Topscorers and Superstars in Funky Friday assemblies. Keep up the hard work!