Year 4 - Hawthorn & Poplar Classes

Term 5

As we have found with many other terms this year, Term 5 has flown by! We’ve had a lot of fun learning about the Ancient Egyptians and finding out how we learn about the past. We discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb (in our classroom!), found out about the importance of the River Nile and discovered some of the many achievements of the civilisation!

In maths, we have focused on fluency, particularly learning our times tables facts. We have introduced times tables wristbands and are enjoying competing with ourselves to earn the full set! We have also focused on verbalising our learning using full sentences and mathematical vocabulary – Mr Lindsay is very impressed!

Next term, we are looking forward to learning about the Romans in Britain, including a trip to Hastings Museum for a hands-on workshop, and using our fantastic school grounds to find out about habitats in science.

Term 4

Wow, Term 4 has whizzed by! This term has been especially exciting as we enjoyed Aspirations Week. During the week, we were lucky enough to be visited by a fireman, a vet and a bank manager and had the opportunity to hear what their jobs involve and to ask them lots of questions. The fun is not over yet; we will be welcoming a train driver to talk about his job after the Easter holidays. Aspirations Week has inspired us to think about our own goals and aspirations and to consider how we can start working towards them in Year 4.

We had a very exciting trip to London to visit Kidzania and were able to try out all kinds of jobs from a pilot to an animator to a dentist. We also began to think about ways we can improve our community. We made our own bird feeders so that we can attract more birds to the school grounds and we were very lucky to be given a beautiful bird table by Mr Lindsay!

We are looking forward to what will hopefully be a warm and sunny summer term with lots of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. We hope you have a fun and sun-filled Easter break!

Term 3

This term has flown by! During Term 3, our main focus areas have been Science and Geography. In Science, we have been learning about states of matter – solids, liquids and gases. We have really enjoyed our learning as it has involved carrying out lots of exciting, practical experiments!

In Geography, we have been learning about rivers. We have located some of the world’s major rivers on maps and we have researched lots of interesting facts about the River Amazon and River Nile. We have also enjoyed linking our learning in Geography to our gymnastics lessons, practising and performing some creative sequences of balances based on the journey of a river from source to mouth.

We have continued to develop good learning behaviour and are becoming increasingly motivated and independent learners; Miss Wickenden and Mrs Wilhelm are very pleased with the so far progress. We will continue to build upon our success next term. We hope you have an enjoyable half term and we’re looking forward to some outdoor fun in Term 4!

Term 2

It’s been another successful term in Year 4! During Term 2, we have focused on learning our times tables up to 12 x 12 and have had many opportunities to learn and practise. We particularly enjoyed hosting our ‘Teach your Family’ maths party during which many parents and carers came along and played times tables games with their children. The children took party bags full of games home to continue learning and improving!

In Science, we have enjoyed learning about electricity, building our own electrical circuits and carrying out our own investigation into conductors and insulators. In Geography, we learned how to use an atlas to locate countries in Europe and North and South America. We enjoyed learning about countries other than our own and competed to learn capital cities. Ask us about capital cities in Europe to find out what we know!

We would like to wish you an enjoyable Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year and we are looking forward to continuing to build on what we have learnt this term when we return in 2017!

Storytelling week

Roll up, roll up! Year 4 had a fantastic time during storytelling week last week. Our theme was the circus as we discussed Jaqueline Wilson’s book, Hetty Feather. We enjoyed making circus banners and jester hats and parading around the playground on Friday afternoon.

Welcome back to Term 2 in Year 4

We have another exciting term ahead of us!

Our learning focus in Term 2 is Geography and R.E. We will be learning about countries of the world and, later in the term, how Christmas is celebrated around the globe. Your children will be coming home with lots of interesting new facts!

In maths, we will continue to focus on learning our times tables and we are particularly looking forward to our Maths Workshops where the children will have the opportunity to ‘teach’ their families using fun games. Even better, the children will be able to take games home with them to continue practising!

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Wilhelm and Miss Wickenden

Term 1

What an active start to Year 4! Term 1 has provided us with plenty of opportunities to get outside in the fresh air and learn. We have tried five different invasion games: basketball, football, tag rugby, netball and hockey. Many children have also shown their dedication to improving their health and fitness and have attended lunch time cross country running and tag rugby training sessions. Lots of children have discovered new skills and joined new clubs, achieving great sporting success!

We have also enjoyed the great outdoors during our Science and Art lessons. In Science, we have been learning about how sound travels across distances and in Art we have been learning about perspective and composition, using the views from our school fields as inspiration.

Hawthorn Class won the attendance prize and were lucky enough to care for the chickens for a week and receive a visit from ‘1066 Reptiles’. The children met a range of creatures from an African Land Snail to a Bearded Dragon and a very large snake!

In class, Year 4 have been learning how to be active, independent learners and we are looking forward to building on this in Term 2. Keep up the good work!

Artist Visit

This term year 4 will learning how to draw using perspective. On Wednesday 21st September we were really excited as we had a local artist visit our class to give us some top drawing tips. We explored finding the horizon line and learning about the vanishing point in a picture. We learned many new skills to help us draw pictures that looked three dimensional. There were many wows! With expressions of delight as the drawings began to take shape. We will be using our new skills to help us become artists ourselves!


Welcome to Poplar and Hawthorn classes!

We have an exciting term ahead! Our class text will be The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Is he near or far away? How can you tell?

Our learning focus in our first term in Year 4 will be English and Maths. In English, we’ll be perfecting our joined handwriting using the Sandown script and making sure we spell high frequency words correctly. We will also be making sure that sentences are correctly punctuated using our proofreading and editing skills.

In maths, we need to ensure that we all know our times tables and related division facts in random order for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.

We will also be being creative, learning how to play the recorder and have a visit from a local artist to learn how to draw using perspective.

Mrs Wilhelm (Poplar) and Miss Wickenden (Hawthorn)