Year 5 - Hazel & Hornbeam Classes

Term 6

WOW! What a great final term Year 6 have had. They all achieved fantastic results in their SATs and did everyone proud; well done. The children have worked so hard all term on their production 'Pirates of the Curry Bean' and boy did their hard work pay off...the show was a huge success!

As a final note, Miss Smith, Miss Howard, Mrs Mac and Mrs Mowle would like to say thank you. We have enjoyed working with you all so much and we all wish you well for your new adventures in Secondary School. Enjoy and stay safe!

Welcome to the final term of Year 5. There are so many exciting learning opportunities planned for this term and we are looking forward to sharing them with you through the website. 
Quiz Night
Thank you to all of the families who attended our Year 5 Quiz night. It was lovely to be able to work with you so that you could have an insight into the spelling, punctuation and grammar that children need to know and use in Year 5. Take a look at the pictures below to see which teams won... it was very close!
The Living Legend Woodland
A massive thank you needs to be made to our group of volunteer gardeners from CSA. They have spent a long day clearing our woodland to make us an amazing learning space. We are going to be using this lots this term including a reading session, 'Fairy Tales in the Forest'. 
Sports Day
Year 5 had an amazing sports day and showed great sportsmanship in all of their events. Even when children were struggling with injuries, they persevered and completed the races at their pace for their team. Take a look at some of the great action shots below...

Fairy Tales in the Forest

Year 5 spent their reading session celebrating and sharing their wonderful adaptations of Hansel and Gretel in our new woodland area. The children read their stories with expression and passion. The language that they used to describe scenes within the stories was fantastic. Mrs Tugwell came down to join in with the fun and was amazed at the quality of the children's work. After their story session, the children enjoyed a picnic in the woods with their friends. What a lovely day it has been!

As part of our Modern Foreign Languages learning, Mrs Pepper organised a brilliant link with a the Guibray Vocational High School which is located in Falalise in Normandy.

At Christmas, Year 5 received Christmas cards (written in English) from the French students, and they then sent Easter cards (written in French) back.

In Term 5, Year 5 were fortunate enough to host the Guibray students who organised a fantastic afternoon of events which successfully engaged the children in the French language.

 A big ‘Thank you’ to the students and Mrs Pepper for organising this extremely successful event!

Term 5

Year 5 have had a fantastic start to term 5 with many children coming back from the holidays showing a great level of maturity and enthusiasm for learning. 

Times Table Wristbands

As you will be aware, the children are now being rewarded with times table wristbands for learning their times table and division facts. Children will earn them in numerical order (1-12) and will be tested on times table and division facts for each times table. For every band they earn, they need to be able to recall facts from the previous times tables e.g. if they are wearing the 5x table band, they will be tested on their 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x tables with the corresponding division facts. To challenge the Year 5s (as they should already be able to recall their facts up to 12x12 as this is a year 4 objective), they will be being asked challenge questions. These may include:

Super-size times tables: multiplying multiples of 10, 100 and 1,000 e.g. 700x4=

Super-skinny times table facts: multiplying decimals and fractions e.g. 0.6x9=


The Living Legend Woodland

The Year 5 children have been assigned an area of our outside environment which we have now named, The Living Legend Woodland. This is the area of the school where the children were working during Aspirations Week. The children have recently been exploring our outside environment and writing non-chronological reports about The Living Legend Woodland. The children have produced some astounding pieces of work which show great grammatical abilities. Children have used:

- expanded noun phrases

- apostrophes for possession

- technical language

- relative clauses

- parenthesis

- headings, subheadings and introductions

- and included, quiz questions, fun facts and vocabulary checks.

Take a look at some of our writing in the pictures below.

Classroom on the Coast

We were very lucky to have Classroom on the Coast visit us this week to teach us about printing. Our visitors brought in fish, which were caught locally on the morning of the visit, and showed us printing techniques. The children printed their own bags which they took home. Take a look at some of the photographs of us having fun with fish!


To help engage children in using grammatical terminology in class, we have been learning some songs to help us verbalise our understanding of grammar. This is having a huge impact on their learning as the children are now more confident when using adverbs and independent clauses. We look forward to welcoming you into class soon so that we can teach you these songs.
This term in music we have been learning about different styles of music with a particular focus on rap. The children learnt a variety of different vocal warm up songs which included singing about ping pong balls (ask your cod to sing it to you) to ensure that our voices and bodies were warm before we started singing. The children then learnt a rap titled 'Stop Bullying' and performed it as a class with actions that they created. Watch our performance on the video below. 

Term 4

'My Dragon' Dance

The Year 5 children represented Sandown in an exemplary manner when we went to The Phoenix Centre to perform the 'My Dragon' dance. Take a look at the video below to see their amazing performance. 


In DT this term, the children designed and created catapults to explore levers. This linked to our text How To Train Your Dragon as the children then launched marshmallows at imaginary dragons. Take a look at some of the photographs.


In English the children have learnt how to write a persuasive advert which links to our class text. The children had to persuade the reader to attend Thor'sday Thursday, which is an event in our book. The children had to use different grammatical features in their writing. They had to use:

- modal verbs

- parenthesis

- a range of sentence types including rhetorical questions

- superlatives

Can you find some of these features in the writing pictured below?


In computing the children created their own Power Points about Dragons. The children had to research about dragons before they could present their information. At the end of the unit, the children presented to the class ensuring that they spoke clearly and in a grammatical accurate way.

Children also did 2 sessions on coding. Children learnt how to programme on Candy Quest and Robomind Academy. Children also completed an hour of code.

Aspirations Week

What an amazing week we had! We learnt about:

- leisure aspirations by taking part in 4 different workshops led by members of our school community

-community aspirations by spending time in our school community to make our environment a more enjoyable place to be in

- and, career aspirations by welcoming different visitors into our school to talk about their careers and by visiting Kidzania.

We have all reflected on this week and you can see the immediate impact it has had on our lives. Take a look at the photos of us enjoying our week of learning and take a look at some of our reflections. 


A group of Year 5s volunteered to take part in a dance show up at Helenswood later this term. They have been busy choreographing and practising a dance which is linked to our English text, 'How To Train Your Dragon'. They have practised every Monday at school and the rest of Year 5, as well as the teachers, Mrs Tugwell and a School Governor, were privileged to be able to watch the dress rehearsal. We were amazed at the quality of the dance. We hope to see lots of parents at the performance at Helenswood.


Hazel class have been superstars this week as they welcomed 13 teachers, head teachers and deputy head teachers into the classroom to watch their maths learning. The children could showcase their understanding of fractions by using the correct mathematical language, drawing pictorial representations and reasoning about their understanding of fractions to prove statements correct and incorrect. Take a look at some of the photographs of our Maths learning. Ask your child to explain what they have been learning to you.


We have been continuing our learning this term with the book 'How to Train Your Dragon'. We are continuing to work our clarifying the meaning of unknown words by skilfully using a dictionary as well as using the PEE approach to answer questions about your text. We enjoy 'PEEing' in our reading but we must remember to use quotation marks when we are using evidence from the text!

Classroom Environment
You will see some photographs of our classroom environment below. The children have worked hard to produce quality work for displays boards and take ownership of the displays by helping to design them. The boards in our corridor reflect the ethos of our school and the boards in our classrooms help to aid the children with their learning by displaying strategies, key vocabulary and resources. 

We were very lucky to have a free workshop on Monday morning to teach us about the art of Kathakali which links to our prior learning of Hinduism. We learnt a form of sign language that is 4,000 years old, we learnt special movements and how to perform a sentence using facial expression and hand movements. The children were engaged in every aspect of this workshop and they have created some masks that would be used in an authentic Kathakali performance. We are looking forward to welcoming Vijay, Barbara and a group of world class Kathakali performers in again in November.

Please remember that weekly home learning has changed. Please see the sheet in your child's home school link book for more information. We will be celebrating the children's home learning projects at the end of this term so please continue to work on these.

Term 3

Term 3 ended with an EXPLOSION for Year 5. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to our 'Volcanic Eruption' event. The children enjoyed building their own volcanoes with their families before erupting them with a mixture of vinegar, food colouring, soap powder and bicarbonate of soda. After the eruption, the children enjoyed writing Kennings with their families about the event. This demonstrated the curriculum links that we make in our learning as the children have learnt about Kennings in English. Take a look at some of the photographs that show how much fun we had.

Year 5 Residential visit to Mallydams RSPCA Centre
In yet another 'first' for Sandown, Year 5 were fortunate enough to be invited to take part in a wonderful, if damp, residential visit to Mallydams!
Among the many activities on offer, the children were able to:
  • build dens in the woods
  • take part in scavenger hunts
  • make natural clay hedgehogs
  • have a picnic lunch around a fire
  • search for mini-beasts
  • follow woodland trails
  • create their own 'wild-things' headdress, complete with camouflage face-painting
The children had a wonderful time experiencing the outdoors, working, eating and playing together.
A big thank you to all the parents for their work in equipping the children for this fabulous experience, and a huge thank you to all the wonderful staff at Mallydams for making the trip so memorable for us all!
The children have shown what amazing authors they are over the last two weeks. Children have written fantastic stories in the first person to retell a scene from our class text, How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. Not only have the children used the text to support their writing, they have shown a great understanding of grammatical structures within their writing. They have used expanded noun phrases, a range of pronouns, relative clauses, similes, personification and they have learnt how to punctuate speech correctly. Miss Plüss has introduced PC Punctuation in Hazel Class. Each lesson a child is chosen to monitor punctuation marks within writing. This has ensured that all children are continuously thinking about appropriate punctuation marks as they don't want to be put into 'Punctuation Jail' by their peers! Ask your child about he different grammatical terminology mentioned to see if they can verbalise what they mean.
This term we are reading the book, How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. The children have shown that they understand the characteristics of an effective reader. These are:
- The Clarifier
- The Summariser
- The Questioner
- The Predictor
- The Connector
Year 5 taught Mr Lindsay about these different characteristics to ensure that he was able to engage in high quality book talk when he comes in to see their learning. Lots of children are now using these roles when recording a quality comment in their home school link books. Ask your child about the different roles and see if you can join in with their book talk at home.
This term we have been working on becoming more fluent with our times tables and division facts. The children have been trying to beat their own high score to show that they are becoming more fluent with their facts. Some year 5 volunteers helped Miss Pluss with a 'Teach A Teacher' Maths Party Course and showed teachers from across Hastings how good we are at our maths facts. Most of the children were able to beat a teacher with their times tables which they were immensely proud of. Keep on practicing these facts at home. Remember to play some games from your Maths Party Bags to have some fun and enjoyable family time. 

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

This term in Geography the children are learning about earthquakes and volcanoes. The children are learning about why earthquakes occur, understanding how they are documented and recorded and researching a devastating earthquake to report back on to their peers.

The Start of Term 3...

Year 5 could not have had a more exciting first day back after the Christmas holidays....

While the children were in assembly this morning, Wednesday 4th January 2016, the Year 5 teachers had a basketball lesson with Mr Hamed. Mr Hamed was so pleased with the progress that they had made that he wanted to film them practising their new skills when something extraordinary happened... a devastatingly HUGE dragon landed on the playground, cracking the tarmac and scolding the trees with its furiously hot fire-breath. The teachers ran for cover and quickly got the children into the classroom so that they were safe.

On returning to the classroom, we were informed that the news of the dragon had spread and was on the news. Quickly, we turned on the TV and watched the news reports. On hearing that there was a £100,000 reward for the people that found the egg the children were keen, some a little scared, to get outside to see if the egg was in the school grounds.

We were cautious to be quiet so that we did not draw attention to ourselves and ensured that we regularly scanned the sky for any sightings of the killer dragon. After 30 minutes of searching the children discovered a ginormous nest, the hatched egg, the huge footprint, scorched trees, a pile of feathers and a puddle of vile dragon wee. As we returned to the classroom we passed the chicken coop and noticed that the chickens had GONE! The dragon had scoffed them up for a popcorn chicken snack!

The rest of the day was spent solving mathematical problems to help us create a fact file about the dragon, creating a word bank full of adverbs, adjectives, nouns and verbs to help us discuss the dragon using powerful language, and creating a News round presentation of our exciting day.

Please be cautious when coming to Sandown School as we will ever know if the dragon will return to it's nest.

Please enjoy the videos from our terrific day.

Term 2

Home Learning Celebration Term 1 and 2
It has been lovely to see some of the fantastic projects that children have been working on over the last 13 weeks. The quality was astounding from some children across both Hazel and Hornbeam Class. Lots of the children were feeling nervous about presenting but they all managed it with a lovely clear loud voice. Verbalisation will remain to be a focus as some children needed support to speak in grammatically correct sentences. Take a look at some of the photographs of the children presenting so that you can see the great standards that was set by some children. 
We are going to work together to plan our Term 3 and 4 topics including a timeline so that children fully understand how they can demonstrate the best that they can be. This will give us the opportunities to help children source any additions materials that they may need that they do not have at home. 
Father Christmas Gets In A Muddle
What a fun afternoon Year 2 and Year 5 have spent together! This morning, Monday 19th December, Year 5 had an unexpected delivery of letters to their classrooms but the letters weren't for the correct children. After a little bit of detective work, we worked out that they belonged to Year 2. The Year 2 children were so excited to receive their beautiful letters from Father Christmas which the Year 5 children read aloud to them. It was lovely to see the children working together and having fun. But the fun did not stop there... The Year 5s then taught the Year 2s about pointillism, a technique of painting, and worked with them to create some beautiful Christmas cards. We look forward to sharing our learning together again soon.
We have just completed our poetry unit where children were exploring the use of figurative language within poems. Children had the chance to read a variety of poems and comment on the structure. The children then used the structures to record their own poems based on nouns from within 'There's a Boy in The Girls' Bathroom'. The children used similes and personification within their poems and then had the chance to evaluate each other's poems commenting on the author's use of languages. Why don't you watch some of the videos of the children reading their poetry so that you can see how amazing their poems are? 
'Teach My Family' Maths Party
A big thank you to all of the parents who attended our maths workshop. The children enjoyed being the teachers and showing off their mathematical knowledge. The children were very excited to be able to purchase and take home their own Maths party bag which they created with the support of their teachers. We hope you have fun playing the games and practising your times tables at home. 


We are continuing to work hard on developing our mathematical knowledge in Year 5. The children are really enjoying using multiple representations to show one calculation. Not only does this help them develop a deeper understanding of the concept, it also allows them to unpick any errors and correct themselves which we know is when we learn the most. Additionally, we have solved some tricky problems this week which made us use known facts to work systematically. The children really enjoyed the challenges that were set for them and showed great logic.

Take a look at some of the pictures of our guided work and their independent work to see the fantastic progress that they are making.

Christmas Photo Booth

The children had great fun designing and creating props for the Photo Booth at the Christmas Fayre. We were busy throughout the fayre dressing people up, taking photographs and running to the printer... even the teachers wanted to have a go!

Robin Hood

What an unexpected treat we had on Friday afternoon! Year 5, as well as the rest of Key Stage 2, enjoyed a fantastic production of Robin Hood. Some children enjoyed it so much that they wanted to find out more about Robin Hood so they found the story in the library ready to read over the weekend. I am looking forward to discussing the similarities and differences between the production and the book.

The Brutal Viking Invasion of Iona
We have had great fun creating our own armour ready for our battle on the field. The children created helmets following pictorial instructions and then crated their own instructions based on the process that they undertook. In addition to this, the children also created a Viking shield and a sword with their learning partner. The children looked carefully at different Viking designs and ensured that their design was authentic. After designed, drawing, cutting, painting and sticking the shields and swords together the children were ready for the brutal attack. The children worked in pairs to act out the attack on Iona island using their own armour. After this the children wrote a recount about the event using their own first hand experiences. Take a look at some of the pictures of our reenactment to find out more. 
Hastings Story Telling Week 
What a fantastic week we had celebrating the art of story telling! We enjoyed the visit from Emmanuel the Magnificent greatly. We were engaged with the stories he told and the music he created. We used some of the ideas and techniques used in his show in our own drama activities. We created freeze frames, sound scapes and created a dramatic production based around the book Hetty Feather. From learning that Hetty ran away to the circus, we created banners of acrobats performing on the tightrope. The children came up with some fantastic designs and created these enthusiastically. Have a look at some of the pictures of our drama activities and parade so that you can be involved in our learning. 
Welcome to Term 2.
Read on to find out what we are going to be learning about in term 2...

We hope you have all had a lovely half term and are ready for another exciting term full of fun learning. This term we are continuing our learning about the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings in History. We will be learning to understand what happened during the Viking invasions and know what Viking warriors were like; identifying and describing Viking artefacts; and finding out about some Viking Gods and what they represent.

In Science this term the children will be learning about human growth, puberty and changes as humans develop to old age. The children will be learning about the different stages of human development, explore gestation periods and record data on human development. We will be using our mathematical knowledge to display data in different ways.

We have an exciting term in Art. This term we will be learning about pointillism and exploring the great work of Georges Seurat. Children will look at different artwork by this artist as well as create some of their own. The children will be using a photograph of themselves to create a self-portrait in the style of Georges Seurat.

To link with the songs that we are singing in the Big Sing on November 29th at the White Rock Theatre the children are going to be creating a 'Christmas Cracker' dance. The children are going to incorporate travel, stillness, steps, jumps, gesture and turning within their dances. We watched a great video to help us look at different dance moves in action. Why don't you take a look?

In PSHE this term the children will be learning about Sex and Relationships. A letter has been sent home detailing the content of these lessons which needs to be returned as soon as possible. Please remember that there is a parent screening of these videos on Monday 7th November at 3.30pm.

Please remember that Parents' evening is on November 8th and 10th. Don't forget to make an appointment to see your child's teacher.

You will be receiving some information shortly regarding a 'Teach My Family' Maths Party that the children are planning for you all. There will be games and snacks. We look forward to welcoming you into our classrooms.

Term 1

Termly Review 


This term we have been learning all about space. Children have learnt the phases of the moon, the names of the planets in our solar system, that the moon orbits the Earth and they both orbit the Sun and that the Sun is at the centre of our solar system. Children also have had the opportunity to go outside and measure and record their shadows at different times of the day. We had a very exciting visit from the Space Dome where children discovered constellations which took their learning beyond the solar system. We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who attended this event and engaged with our learning.

Week of Inspirational Maths

We have been engaging in a Week of Inspirational Maths where children have challenged their understanding of what Maths actually is. Children have learnt to seek patterns, to prove things mathematically and to convince and justify. The children have immersed themselves in all things mathematical and enjoyed discovering and learning about new things e.g. prime numbers, composite numbers, square numbers, triangular numbers, factors, multiples, fractions, the Fibonacci sequence, Pascal's triangle and numerical sequences and patterns. Have a look at the Maths page on the website to find out more.


The children had 2 days learning all about Hinduism. Children had the chance to explore some of the Gods and Goddesses, followed by Hindus, create their own God or Goddess, create Rangoli patterns and create footprints of Lakashmi.

There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

We are thoroughly enjoying our key text. Children have written a school report for Bradley, as well as retell Chapter 14 in 1st person. Children have learnt how to use relative clauses, how to punctuate speech correctly and what modal verbs are.

In reading children have learnt how to PEE in their reading! This means that children are answering a question by making a 'Point', finding 'Evidence' from the text, and then 'Explaining' their evidence.

Cross Country and Tag Rugby

What a fantastic term of sport the children have had! Throughout the term children have been learning how to play different sports: hockey, tag rugby, football, basketball and netball. From this we were able to enter a team into a Tag Rugby competition at Ark William Parker. 6 members of Year 5 represented the school and they managed to win al 4 of the games that they were entered into. What a fantastic achievement!

Welcome to Year 5- read on to find out what we are going to be doing in term 1

We would like to welcome you all to a new school year; we have had a very exciting start to the year so far and we are looking forward to continuing our quality education this year. It was really lovely to see so many parents at the 'Parent Party' last week. We look forward to working with you this year.