Year 6 - Chestnut & Silver Birch Classes

Term 5

       We are nearing the end of term 5 and year 6 all deserve a relaxing and fun-filled half term. The children have been exemplary this term and have worked really hard preparing for and sitting their SATs. Breakfast on SATs week was a highlight and the children loved their morning feast of cereal, toast, fruit and juice.

      Eighteen inspirational children have been awarded a silver jumpers in term 5. These children have worked exceptionally hard in the weeks leading up to the SATs and during the SAT week. They have motivated other children to try hard and they have been hugely positive all term. 

     As a reward for their efforts in term 5, we went on a trip to Chessington. The children (and the adults) had the best time! Some children spent the day on the rides, others visited the zoo and the Sea Life Centre. The children's behaviour was superb.

    Both classes won the attendance prize this term and we were rewarded with looking after the ponies, chickens and watering the garden. We had a lovely time grooming Mia and Myla; we even had fun picking up the poo!   

We hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable half term.

Term 4

We have had another busy and aspirational term in year 6.The children have been working extremely hard on their writing. They have produced some vivid descriptions of London during the great plague; they are all very proud of the writing they have worked so hard on.  We have four children on our Exemplary Work display already for their draft piece and will have many more when we have all written up our final piece.

       Aspirations week was a huge highlight of this term. We had an amazing week which immersed us in career, leisure and community aspiration projects. The children loved meeting and interviewing our career visitors. We were lucky enough to have in a paramedics, two PCSOs, a lighting designer and a team of equine vets. As part of our community aspiration project, we did the following: painted bird houses to put up on the trees;  cleared an area to make a flower meadow; researched which plants we could plant at this time of year;  planted snow drops in the woodland and we programmed a camera which works with a sensor. The camera will be put up near to one of our bird houses in the Easter break. Finally, the children loved the KS2 trip to Kidzania and the opportunity to try out a variety of different jobs and earn Kidzos as payment. Have a look at our photos of our amazing Aspirations Week.

     Our topic in Science this term has been light and the children have enjoyed doing numerous investigations and explorations into how light travels and how shadows are formed.

     Thank you to all the families who came to our SAT workshop. SATs week is the week beginning the 8th of May. We will be sending home the SAT buster books for the children to use so they can recap any learning over the Easter break.

    We wish everyone a very enjoyable and relaxing Easter break and we look forward to seeing you next term.

Term 3

This term, it has been 'mechanical mayhem'! We have loved our new book, 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman, which is full of suspense and mystery. We have written beautiful character descriptions about Fritz and Karl, who are main characters in the text so far. We still have part 3 to read and the children are eager to find out what is going to happen to Prince Florian. We hope you enjoy the photos of the children dressed up as characters from the class debate.

Linked to our book, we have been designing and creating mechanical toys using cams. The children have each produced their own design and have made the internal mechanisms using an axle, cam and a follower. Their characters move when the handle is turned. We have a variety of designs including Minecraft, unicorns, emojis and a range of animals.

Earlier on in the term, we studied careers in PSHE. The children have created an action plan of what they need to do to get their dream job.

In PE, the children have choreographed a gymnastics routine which incorporates range of  rolls, counter balance and counter tension into a final polished routine.

During Computing sessions with Miss Mockus, the children have been programming Micro:Bits to make their own games.  

This term, eleven more children have impressed the year 6 team with their attitude, contribution, behaviour and focused learning in school. They have all been awarded a silver jumper for their hard work. Keep it up, year 6!

Have a fantastic half term! See you in term 4.

At the end of term 2, four children in year 6 were awarded a silver jumper for their positive attitude, participation and effort in school. These children have worked hard towards their targets and we are especially proud of them and the high aspirations they have!

We are looking forward to rewarding more children with these.

Term 2

It has been another successful term in year 6! Our learning this term has mainly been focused around the Mayans. Alongside learning about the culture and traditions of the Mayan people; we have also created a Mayan-inspired warrior dance which the children helped choreograph. We have designed beautiful Mayan headdresses using collage, feathers and jewels which will be worn at our final rehearsal of the Mayan dance.

Learning about the human body in Science has been a highlight this term and the children really enjoyed getting messy when we recreated blood. We used oats, cheerios, squash and mini marshmallows to represent the different components we have in our blood. The children used their learning in Science to create a Prezi all about the human body in their computing lessons.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents, nans and granddads who attended our ‘Teach your Family’ maths party. We had a fantastic time playing times tables games and teaching the adults how to multiply and divide 3 digit numbers. The children took party bags full of games home to continue learning and improving!

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the home learning the children brought in this week. There are also a few photos of our maths party for you to enjoy.

We would like to wish you an enjoyable Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year.

This term we will be continuing to read 'Stormbreaker' in English. The children have loved this book so far and can't wait to find out what will happen next.

This term our topic is 'Mayan Mayhem' we will be exploring how the Mayan people lived, where they lived and what life was like during this time. We will bring this topic into PE where the children will be choreographing a Mayan-inspired dance.

In science this term we will be learning about the circulatory system in animals including humans. The children will also be thinking about the affect of exercise and drugs on the body. At the end of the term they will present what they have learnt to the class using  a presentation tool called 'Prezi'. They will learn how to use Prezi during their weekly computing lessons.

We look forward to seeing you all at parents' evening on the 8th/ 10th of November.

Term 1

What a fantastic first term! One of the highlights included inviting the children’s families into class to create a memory book using the photos taken at Blacklands Farm. We had 41 adults join us in year 6 and everybody loved making a book to take home.

Another highlight was the construction of our DT buggies, these had functional lights and buzzers. The children used their problem solving skills to try and attach a motor so that their buggy could move.

During this last week of term the children have had ‘A Week of Inspirational Maths’ where they have been watching inspiring clips and completing puzzles in small groups. These puzzles have challenged the children and led to interesting discussions in class.

Silver Birch also won the attendance prize this week! Their prize was a visit from two giant African snails, two snakes and a bearded dragon. The children got to hold the reptiles and learn about how they live.

See you after half term!

Welcome to year 6! 

What a fantastic first term we have had! We started the term by swinging from trees; climbing up boulders and jumping from canoes when we visited Blacklands Farm. The children’s bravery and determination was admirable and we all had an amazing time. The children spent the evenings going for night walks, climbing the indoor wall and were all tucked up in bed by 9 o’clock (yeah right!).

We are really looking forward to Wednesday the 12th of October when the children, teachers and parents will be coming into class to create a memory book from their time at Blacklands Farm. These will include photos of the children which will then be decorated with captions and pictures. Every child will be able to take their memory book home to keep.

In Science this term we are exploring electricity. We have been exploring how to make circuits and what the different circuit symbols look like. This will then link into our DT where we will be making ‘super spy buggies’

The spy theme continues in all of our learning this term because we are currently reading Anthony Horowitz’s ‘Stormbreaker’ about a teenage secret agent.

We have had a fantastic start to year 6 and we can’t wait for this to continue!