Sandown Stones

Some of you may be aware of painted stone groups such as Secret Stones, East Sussex rocks etc. The idea is to paint and hide stones so children are active walking,scooting or cycling around looking for them.

Mrs Harley’s family  have spent time painting stones to hide, the idea was to paint all 32 flags from the World Cup. The stones will be hidden on the day the teams are playing. There will be the same number hidden on KS1 and KS2 playgrounds and the children who find them will earn a crystal for their houses. KS2 will also need to be able to say the name of the country they have found. The stones need to be given to either Mrs Harley or Coach Davies so that they can be rehidden another day. The stones will be hidden at different times of the day, so the children will need to keep a keen eye out at all times.

Once the teams have been knocked out, I will send the stones off into the community hidden by a Beat the Street box. If a child finds one and returns it to school, they will earn 3 crystals for their house. I am hoping this will encourage children to paint their own stones and hide their own stones keeping them active during the summer holidays.

Happy hunting

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