Aspirations Week

Our school vision for this year is "Inspiration Follows Aspiration" and this week is Aspirations Week throughout Sandown School. We are aiming to drive aspirations for our pupils and their families. Classes will be visited by many people to talk about their jobs. This will include bankers, vets, hairdressers, mechanics, IT technicians, firefighters, paramedics  and many, many more. 
During the last week when the children have been looking at their aspirations for the future they have looked at various areas–

Leisure Aspirations – hobbies to inspire the children to use their leisure time well.  Staff held Hobbies Workshops in school to give the children a chance to try out some different leisure pastimes. Research shows that if a child has not got a hobby or joined a club by the time they leave Primary School, they are unlikely to do so later on in life. At Sandown we encourage every pupil to join a club and we want children to use their leisure time as productively as they use their learning time in school.
Workshops included baking, fudge making, weaving, card games, magic tricks, cartoon drawing, playing board games, going for walks, treasure hunts, lantern making and many more. What did your child try for the first time?

Kidzania – aspirations about going to work, having a job and a career and earning money. A trip to Kidzania will give some children a chance to try out a job and the infants will Takeover the School for a day and experience life as a cook, caretaker or even a Headteacher.

Sandzania the infants ran the school for the day whilst we were all in London and the children took on our jobs.

Community Aspirations – looking after our environment and the local community. Year 6 are helping to prepare a site for our Wild Flower Meadow. We are hoping to grow lots of wild flowers to attract our new bees that are arriving next month. As part of a topic on habitats, Year 6 have painted bird boxes to hang throughout our school grounds. 

Mr. Lindsay, Mrs. Tugwell and Mr. Lawrence planted tubs and hanging baskets to improve the entrance to our school. We want to make our school attractive and be part of Ore in Bloom.

Below are some photos of the exciting events for each area.

Leisure Aspirations


Cartoon Drawing



Community Aspirations

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