At Sandown Primary School we have welcomed the new History curriculum.  Our aim is to give the children a high quality history education which will inspire their curiosity and help gain an understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.  We want to encourage the children to ask questions, think critically, weigh the evidence and make judgements. 

Our History curriculum is broken down into our two key stages and then into year groups.  By the end of each key stage, children are expected to have a good understanding of the periods studied.

Year GroupTopic 1Topic 2Extra Topics
Year 1-KS1Changes in living memory.
E.g. timeline toys or transport
Lives of significant individuals
e.g. Smugglers
Lives of significant individuals
E.g. Guy Fawkes.
Year 2-KS1Events beyond living memory
e.g. Fire of London
Significant places in the locality
e.g. Bodiam Castle
The lives of significant individuals
e.g. Grace Darling
Year 3-KS2Stone Age to Iron AgeAncient Greece
Year 4-KS2Roman EmpireEarliest civilisations – then deeper study on Ancient Egypt
Year 5-KS2Anglo Saxons/Scots/Vikings(Local study) A local historical site e.g Norman invasion 1066
Year 6-KS2Beyond 1066 –
e.g. Monarchs/ Battle of Britain
Non- European society

History is taught where possible through first hand experiences e.g. Smugglers adventure, trip to Bodiam Castle and 1066 Battle field to name just a few.

We believe strongly that these experiences bring history alive and allow children to immerse themselves in the topic. We make where possible cross-curricular links, for example, history is regularly taught through: literacy, PSHE, PE/Dance, art and DT, computing and maths.


In addition to history lessons plans are underway to start an after school history club with links to literacy and drama – watch this space for more exciting news!