The music curriculum at Sandown School aims to give children the opportunities to develop and express creativity and imagination, to listen to and appreciate live and recorded music and to explore a variety of instruments. With this, we hope children will discover a passion for music – whether through singing, composing melodies or playing an instrument.

Below shows an overview of the music curriculum through the school (click to enlarge):

KS2 were very lucky to experience the Rock & Pop Foundation recently. The team can in and gave an assembly about different instruments, lessons and what you can achieve.

Remember, if you would like your child to learn how to play 5 disciplines in the '1st Play' programme please sign up at


At Sandown, staff and pupils understand the importance of extra-curricular activities in order to continually develop knowledge, skills and a love of learning. Under the music umbrella, we run a number of extra-curricular activities for the children to get involved in.

We currently offer Key Stage One Choir on a Wednesday morning before school and Key Stage Two Choir on Monday afternoons after school. We also offer private tuition for children who would like to learn the violin and the keyboard and hope to be able to offer a wider range of instrument tuition in the near future!

The Big Sing

On Monday 30th November 2015, Year 5 went to the White Rock Theatre to perform. During rehearsals, East Sussex Fire and Rescue gave a talk and brought a fire engine down for the children to see.