At Sandown Primary School we endeavour to develop pupil’s curiosity, enjoyment, skills and a growing understanding of Science knowledge, through an approach in which the pupils ask questions and investigate the world in which they live.

We deliver a curriculum that shows progression across the Key Stages and that promotes positive attitudes to the learning of science.  We want our children to be motivated, focused and animated about their learning.

We want learning to be fun and exciting and offer first hand experiences where appropriate.  For example year two had the fantastic opportunity of rock pooling at Pett and hatching chicks in the classroom!


Science Week

Sandown Primary School had a fantastic Science Week 14 – 18 March reports Mrs Stewart – Science co-ordinator.  Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society had set up an amateur radio station which allowed every child to talk on the radio throughout the week. Also on display was ‘Gemini’ one  half of a robot used in Robot Wars.  Each day every class was set a science challenge ranging from making marble runs around the legs of chairs to dropping an egg making sure it didn’t crack.  The week culminated in a Science Fair with over 100 children participating.  Inventions and investigations ranged from growing mould on bread to larva lamps, erupting volcanoes and changing the colour of flowers with food colouring.  The children’s exhibits were judged with the expectation that they could explain what they had done.  Parents were invited in to look at all the amazing work.  Well done our scientists of the future!