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In the nursery our approach to development and learning is a mixture of focused activities and child-centred, play-based learning. The value of quality play in early child development is well documented and we provide children with rich and meaningful play experiences through a responsive and flexible learning environment supported by caring and skilful interactions from the nursery practitioners. Children are encouraged to develop and learn through playing, exploring, being actively involved, risk taking, problem solving and thinking creatively. They are encouraged to be independent through accessing resources freely, making choices and taking responsibility for their own learning within the supportive environment. The value of this approach is evidenced in the overall progress children make from their initial starting points in all areas of development.

Term 2

The local firefighters from The Ridge Fire Station kindly came to talk to the children about their jobs. The children were given the opportunity to sit in the fire-engine and have a go at using the hoses.

The children have taken a real interest in volcanos this term. Children designed and created their own volcanos and explored what happened when they erupt by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

This term the nursery children have enjoyed a variety of cooking activities. Children showed independence when preparing the ingredients. Here the children are making cauliflower and broccoli cheese.

And Christmas cookies.

Here the children are showing their independence by washing up after our cooking activities.

Children have been experiencing lots of physical activities this term from group circle games to Balanceability developing their gross motor skills.

Children have been developing their mathematical skills using a range of activities across the setting. Home learning maths bags are available for children to borrow in the nursery.

Here the children are enjoying a wide range of different activities developing their skills in Communication, Literacy, Creativity, Imagination, Social skills and building positive relationships.

At the end of term two the nursery children were excited to see the changes in the weather and experience snow some for the first time. This helped them to develop their understanding of the world and how things change.

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