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Our vision

Our Community Commitment

We create an inclusive culture of learning where we challenge children’s thinking. This way they can achieve to the best of their abilities and become lifelong learners.

We empower our children to join in locally, globally and to contribute to our world’s sustainable future.

This works best when staff, parents/carers and children understand their part and work together towards the same goals.

There are six areas we focus on:

High aspirations

We will:

  • do our best
  • help others
  • try new things at school and at home
  • think things over and learn


Quality education

We will:

  • all work together to do well in school
  • bounce back and learn from our mistakes
  • speak and write clearly
  • be eager to learn


Nurturing everyone

We will:

  • share good school feedback with others and our concerns with the school
  • respect everyone and everything
  • be friendly, kind and caring
  • work together


Pride in all we do

We will:

  • come to school every day and be on time
  • celebrate all our achievements
  • wear the correct school uniform
  • be honest


Bringing home and school together

We will:

  • do all our reading, spelling and maths home learning
  • behave well
  • encourage our children to work on their own
  • not take holidays during school time.