School Uniform

Wearing school uniform promotes a sense of belonging to and pride in our school. It also ensures children are wearing practical clothing which allows them to freely engage in all learning activities.
Long hair should be tied back, no extreme hairstyles and dyed hair colouring is not permitted.
No jewellery is to be worn with the exception of watches and small studs, both of which should be removed for P.E.

School uniform


Navy polo shirt with logo
Burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with logo
Burgundy fleece with logo (optional)
Black trousers, skirt or tunic
Sensible black shoes/plain black trainers
Plain white or black socks/tights


As winter with black shorts or navy blue checked summer dress
School Bookbag (No rucksacks)

P.E. Kit

School P.E. top
School P. E. shorts
Plain white or black socks
Navy blue hooded sweatshirt with logo
Navy blue jogging bottoms
A large named P.E. bag


Burgundy sweatshirt with logo
Comfortable trousers/skirt or dress
Comfortable T-shirt
Sensible shoes or trainers

All uniform must be named.


We keep stock of most items within school but uniform is also available to buy from Superstitch, please click here


Please see the following link for the prices of uniform and to fill in an order form:

School Uniform Prices and Order Form

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