Story Telling Week at Sandown

Story Telling Week 2019

Hastings Storytelling Festival 5th - 13th October

Story Telling Week 2018


November brought the children another fantastic storytelling week at school with lots of fun activities. This year’s theme was based around ‘hats’ for our younger pupils in the school and Sussex Folktales for our older children. Each class had a story which they were told by their teacher then explored through various means throughout the week. On the Friday they were able to pair up with another class in the school and share their stories.

Spud and Yam

We had a visit from Spud and Yam, an Irish and Caribbean storytelling duo who use props and music to bring stories to life. The children enjoyed a whole school assembly and were able to actively join in with the songs as they listened to the stories being told. Following this Year 5 were lucky enough to participate in some workshops which explored the theme of plastic waste.

Long Nose Puppet Theatre

During the week our Nursery and KS1 pupils enjoyed a spectacular theatre performance by the Long Nose Puppet Company. The children and teachers enjoyed watching the story unfold as two feathered friends tried to put on the greatest magic show on earth!

Bonkers Hats Workshop

Sarah Evan’s, the Hastings Storytelling Artist in residence, came in and worked with some of our Year 3 children to help them create ‘bonkers’ hats. The hats looked amazing.

The week ended with the Children’s Storytelling Carnival Day at the Stade in Hastings. Thank you to all the children and families that attended the event. It was great to see so many our children from Sandown School enjoying the storytelling activities and taking part.

Story Telling Week 2017

Sandown hosted the Storytelling Week puppet show " A Heart at Sea" this week where children and adults were enthralled by the skilful puppetry and live acoustic music.


Pupils were fortunate to meet and workshop with the amazing Kathakali Dancers from India during our recent Storytelling Week. The Indian Dance Troupe spent the day working with children to teach them the rituals and traditions of storytelling through this dance form. The dancers spend 2 hours having their intricate make up applied by a specialist make up artist before performing a vibrant dance. 

It was wonderful to see our pupils taking part in Hastings Storytelling Parade to celebrate the end of Storytelling Week 2017. 

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