Pupil Premium Projects

Year 3 and Year 5 pupils from Westfield Primary School and Sandown are working on a joint maths project. The group has called itself " Smarties" and the focus of the learning is about fractions.
The idea is that the Year 5 pupils will create activities to teach the Year 3 pupils about fractions.

In our first session at Sandown the children completed a questionnaire about how they feel about fractions and what they think they could learn during this project.

We explored lots of the mathematical vocabulary. Can your child explain to you what a denominator or a numerator is?

We looked at what children in Year 3 and in Year 5 need to be able to understand about fractions.

We then looked at examples of fractions in the environment.

Look at our photos to see where you can spot halves and quarters.

What is the smallest fraction you can find in our photos?

The children created simple fractions using counters and explained their work in a full sentence using mathematical vocabulary.