Reception - Oak, Apple and Maple Classes

Term 1

We have had a busy and exciting first term, full of laughter, performances and art. All the children have settled into Sandown well and we are so proud of the confidence they have shown.

We have been learning about ourselves, our friends and our families and have created some beautiful self-portraits. Mrs MacIntyre came back to visit us with her new baby and we learnt all about babies.

Our teachers put on a performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We enjoyed watching them be silly and tried our hardest to warn Goldilocks that the bears were coming.

After learning about Harvest and reading the story, The Little Red Hen, we made our own delicious bread rolls to take home. We developed strength in our fingers through kneading the dough.

At the end of the term we put on a performance to show our parents how confident we are. We sang The Skelton Dance, Miss Polly, The Little Red Hen, The House of the Bears and Frere Jacques, beautifully.

Welcome to Reception!

We would like to welcome all children and their families to Sandown School. The children have had a fantastic start and settled in well to their new classes. This term children will be exploring two exciting topics - ‘All About Me’ and ‘Food, Glorious Food’. During ‘All About Me’, the children will be sharing all the wonderful things about themselves and showing us what they can do. They have already begun their number and phonics journey. We’re looking forward to a visit from one of our past reception teachers and her new baby who are coming to meet the children. During our second topic ‘Food, Glorious Food’, children will be exploring where their food comes from. They will have the opportunity to make their own bread. At the end of the term we will have a performance for the parents so the children can show you how well they have settled in to Sandown Primary School.

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