Year 1 - Ash, Pine and Willow Classes

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Mrs Thompsett, Miss Wickenden, Mrs MacIntyre and Miss Owen

would like to welcome you to Year One.

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Ash Class

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Miss Wickenden

Mrs Hale

Miss Kinloch

Willow Class

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Mrs Thompsett

Mrs Bateman

Pine Class


Mrs MacIntyre

Miss Owen

Miss Riddihough

Miss Kinloch

In Year 1, we work hard to become good learners, ready to tackle the National Curriculum. We continue to have opportunities to play and engage in practical activities, whilst learning to read, write and apply number facts with increasing fluency, independence and confidence.

Our topics are all based around books, chosen to excite the children in cross curricular lessons and ignite a passion for books.

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Term 1

Wow, what a fantastic start to Year 1!


We enjoyed reading ‘Elmer’ and thinking about how we are all different and special. We took part in our ‘Marvellous Me Olympics.'


We had a Reading Pyjama Party where our parents learnt how they can help us with our reading and then we shared our favourite stories:


We all had a fabulous time on our trip to the Rare Breeds Centre where we learnt about lots of different kinds of animals and had a trailer ride:


When we got back from our trip, we wrote about our day:


We went on an autumn walk around the school grounds and we picked some blackberries and apples:

We used the fruit we picked to make some delicious fruit crumbles!


We read the Christian creation story and created some beautiful art work.


Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Term 5
Term 6
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