Year 1 - Ash, Pine and Willow Classes

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Mrs Thompsett and Miss Wickenden 

would like to welcome you to Year One.

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Ash Class

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Miss Wickenden

Mrs Csobonas

Miss Howell

Willow Class

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Mrs Thompsett

Mr Loft

Miss Kinloch


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In Year 1, we work hard to become good learners, ready to tackle the National Curriculum. We continue to have opportunities to play and engage in practical activities, whilst learning to read, write and apply number facts with increasing fluency, independence and confidence.

Our topics are all based around books, chosen to excite the children in cross curricular lessons and ignite a passion for books.

Term 1

What a fantastic start to Year 1!

Thank you to all the parents who came to our Reading Pyjama Party and our Maths Counting Challenge this term.

We have learnt how to draw and paint people. Look at our wonderful paintings of ourselves!

We have been learning about autumn and had great fun on an autumn walk around our school grounds. We drew pictures of our adventure.

We learnt about the Christian creation story. Then we made some beautiful art work to show the story.

Welcome to Year 1 Ash and Willow Class!

We are very excited about everything that Term 1 has in store for us in Year 1. Our first topic this term is ‘Marvellous Me’. We will be reading ‘Elmer’ and spending time thinking about all the things that we are good at and make us special. This links to our whole school focus this year of ‘Pride in all we do’; we would all like to go home every day feeling proud of ourselves and what we have achieved that day. We already had lots of fun last Thursday taking part in our Marvellous Me Olympics – you can see some photos of us in action below!

Our second topic for the term will be ‘Let there be light’. In this topic, we will be reading ‘The Story of Creation’ and learning about the Christian creation story as well as encouraging the children to share their own ideas about creation. We will be also be using this as an opportunity to focus on learning about animals and plants, including making moving animals using simple leavers in D&T and beginning to prepare our Year 1 garden as we observe the changes in nature as Summer becomes Autumn.

We are excited about the year ahead and we are looking forward to working together to make Year 1 an enjoyable and successful year for all the children.

Miss Wickenden and Mrs Thompsett

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