Year 5 - Hazel & Hornbeam Classes

Welcome to Year 5!

The children’s penultimate year at Sandown Primary School will see them being taught by either Mrs Pounder (Hazel Class) or Mrs Apps (Hawthorn Class).

As class teachers, they work closely with their Teaching Assistants – Miss Champion and Mrs Perry - along with other adults supporting the year group - Coach Davies, Mrs Wilhelm and Mrs O’Leary.

Alongside the learning that takes place in Year 5, our main aim for all of the children is for them to enjoy themselves, to continue to develop good social skills and to develop an independence that will stand them in good stead for Year 6 and beyond. We deliver the curriculum in a variety of ways to make learning interesting and fun for the children. For example, we try to be creative and flexible in our use of ICT and Art to enhance the learning in other subjects.

The highlight of the year is definitely our residential trip to Mallydams! This is hugely enjoyed by both children, staff and volunteers ... although all are very exhausted by the time they return home!

Other activities that Year 5 children will be involved in during the year include:

  • Visitors throughout the year
  • A stargazing evening
  • A Viking Invasion
  • Many Science investigations
  • Performing at the 'Big Sing' at the
  • White Rock Theatre

Communication between home and school is crucial throughout your child’s time at school and though we appreciate that as your child gets older you may not pick up your child from the classroom door, you can remain in contact with us easily through the Class Dojo app and by popping in to see us.

Our door is always open!

Please remember:

  • your child needs a clear, re-usable plastic bottle filled with water for use in the classroom
  • PE kit must be named with appropriate footwear and in school daily
  • School dinners are now cashless for non free school meal children. Please see the office for further information if you have not set this up.
  • Book bags must be brought to school daily. Your child will be given a new home school link book to take home on Monday.

Have a look on the tabs below to see what we have been learning about in each term…


Term 1

During Term 1, our topic is 'To Infinity and Beyond'. The focus subject is Science (Earth and Space). In our other subjects, we will link as much learning to our topic to make learning exciting for the children. For example, in DT, children will be designing and creating their very own moon landing flag!

Check back regularly to see updates about our learning...

Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Term 5
Term 6


Term 1

During Term 1, our topic is 'To Infinity and Beyond'. The focus subjects are Science (Earth and Space) and Geography (The United Kingdom). In our other subjects, we will link as much learning to our topic to make learning exciting for the children. For example, in Computing, children will learn how to manipulate images using the programme Be Funky to create a planet landscape. In Art, they will create Alien drawings to then put onto the planet they have created.

Check back regularly to see updates about our learning..
Stunning Start
We had a visit from Prime VR where children enjoyed a virtual reality experience of Space. Children visited different planets in our Solar System as well as explored the International Space Station. The children's reactions were priceless as they reached around to touch the stars and planets in their virtual worlds.
Parental Engagement
Thank you to all of the families who came to our 'Open Classroom' on Friday 7th September. If you were unable to attend, please find a copy of the PowerPoint used on our Class Story on Class Dojo.
Space Poetry
Year 5 have enjoyed their first week reading A Rocketful of Space Poetry. This week they have learnt and recited The Worst Monsters In The Universe poem ready to write their own version next week.
Is the Earth flat or spherical?

In Science, the children have been learning to prove or disprove a statement using scientific evidence. The children wrote letters to Christopher Columbus' Sailors to prove to them that their frail vessel would not plunge to destruction. Take a read of their letters... have they convinced you?

So far in Art this term: Following on from the Science Poetry the children have designed their own monsters! We had a couple of lovely art sessions, creating monsters based on the Worst Monsters of the Universe poems.

As you can see we have worked through ideas with the help of some tutorials and some have even created their very own. Scary Monsters beware!

So far in Geography this term: We have been looking at the topographical features of the UK. Using the data the children have created bar charts to plot the heights of the mountains/hills of the UK.  As you can see they have been working really hard and created some fantastic graph work.  Next week they will be moving on to looking at surrounding oceans, seas and the major UK rivers.

Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Term 5
Term 6

Mallydams Residential Trip: Monday 28th - Wedensday 30th January 2019

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