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Year 4 - Elm, Hawthorn and Poplar Classes

Welcome to Year 4!

Class teachers: Miss Puttick (Elm Class), Mrs Downes (Hawthorn Class) and Miss Pounder (Poplar Class)

Teaching Assistants: Miss Kinloch (Elm Class), Mrs Holewell (Hawthorn Class) and Miss Bolt (Poplar Class)

In Year 4, we are keen for the children to become independent learners, and to edit and improve their work with increasing confidence as the year goes on. Children have the chance to earn their pen licence when they demonstrate consistently good handwriting, and their times tables badge for fast  recall of multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12.

We have a rich curriculum with many creative opportunities, for example during our Ancient Egypt topic the children create artefacts from clay and pewter, as well as a scale model mummified Pharaoh, complete with his own sarcophagus! The children also benefit from specialist teachers for several of their subjects throughout the year.

Activities that children will enjoy in Year 4 include:

  • living History Workshop
  • visit to Hastings Museum
  • Forest School
  • Swimming lessons

Parent meetings will be arranged twice a year to set your child’s targets, and discuss progress.  If you would like to speak to us at any other time, please feel free to message us on Class Dojo.