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Online safety

Online safety is an important aspect of keeping our pupils safe. We take broad measures to safeguard our children from potential dangers and unsuitable material.

Safety in the digital world is key to the Computing curriculum. We teach digital safety to all year groups. We also hold regular whole school online safety events to help our pupils keep safe online.

We train our staff and keep our policies and acceptable use agreements up to date. We also encourage parents to speak to their children about keeping safe and how to behave online.  It’s essential to be realistic. Banning the internet will not work and it often makes a child less likely to report a problem. This means that education around safe use is essential.

Sandown School is passionate about online safety and, as part of this, we have a selected group of children who are Digital Leaders. These children are there to support their peers in keeping safe online in and out of school.

So far this year, they have completed a lot of work:

*They have completed all of the 8 modules of training using the Child Net training

*Made support videos for all pupils in logging off shared devices

*Supported and shown children how to do this in class

*Supported their teachers with ‘Safer Internet Day’

*Met with a member of the Child Net team to discuss the program and training they have completed.

The team are also currently working on preparing materials to host an assembly as well as preparing to enter the annual Child Net film competition which focusses on online safety. This year, our film will be about ‘How would you make the internet a better place?’.

Keep watching to see what we produce…….

If you have any concerns about Online Safety speak to us. Contact our Computing Coordinator Miss Smith via or 01424 436983. She will be pleased to help.

Advice for children and parents

Thinkuknow has advice about staying safe online

Advice for parents

  • NSPCC Net Aware has a guide to apps, games and social media sites
  • Childnet has advice for parents including supporting young people with SEND online
  • Parentinfo has support and guidance
  • CBeebies has easy to follow tips to keep your children safe online
  • Internet Matters has practical tips to keep children safe and help them get the most from the digital world
  • Click CEOP has guidance on how to ensure safe, effective and child-centred delivery of online safety education

App guides for families

Click here for a collection of guides that provides parents and carers with key information about the most popular social media and gaming apps children and young people are using today.

This guide can also help parents and carers have a conversation with their child about a sensitive issue.

Our policy and Acceptable Use Agreements (AUA)

  • Online Safety Policy
  • Parents AUA               
  • Key Stage 1  AUA                
  • Key Stage 2 AUA                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Staff/Volunteers/Governors  AUA