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Pupil absence

When your child is too ill for school ill 

It can be tricky deciding when to keep your child off school when they’re unwell. See the NHS advice on Is my child too ill for school?

If  your child is too ill to attend school, you must let the school know before 9.15 am on the first day of absence by:

Medical appointments

Where possible, please make medical appointments outside of school hours. Where this is not possible, please try and book late afternoon appointments.

Please inform Kirsty Hackett of any appointments in a timely manner allowing her to diarize appointments therefore minimising any detrimental impact to your childs education.

Withdrawal from learning e.g. a holiday during term time

There are 190 school days per year, as a school we do not authorise any withdrawals from learning unless in exceptional circumstances.

Requests of this nature will need to be given in advance via a withdrawal from learning form (WFL) which is available from our main reception.