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House system

Here at Sandown, we believe that being part of a team is vitally important for a child’s development. It provides a sense of belonging within our school community. It also offers a chance to learn about:

  • their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and
  • to become thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and in wider society

Every child and teaching staff in the school joins a house when they join Sandown.

In reception, pupils leave fate to the ‘sorting hat’ just as Harry Potter did in Hogwarts, to learn which of the four houses they are honoured with.

Houses are a way of grouping activities in the classroom and competitions throughout the school. Each term every class competes in a house competition to try to earn crystals for their house. The competitions include the wide curriculum and not just sport.

Children can earn crystals for their house in various ways:

  • Skills Champions
  • Reading Bug
  • Gold Award winner (5 /10/15…. log book mentions)
  • PE Star of the Week winner
  • Oscar winner
  • Golden Pencil winner
  • Log Book
  • Intra-house competitions
  • Whole school events

At the end of the term, we see which house has the most crystals in their pots.

We crown the winners in Funky Friday assembly on the last day of term. The winner also earns an afternoon reward, ranging from popcorn and a film, to sports activities on the field.

The houses are:

Castle: Arundel

Colour: Yellow

Animal: Dragon

Motto: Have faith and you can achieve.

SMSC: Spiritual

Castle: Bodiam

Colour: blue

Animal: Manta ray

Motto: Unity in diversity

SMSC: Cultural

Castle: Lewes

Colour: Red

Animal: Eagle

Motto: Do what is right, not what is easy.

SMSC: Moral

Castle: Pevensey

Colour: Green

Animal: Bear

Motto: Friendship, honour and acceptance

SMSC: Social