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School Council

Year 1 – Noah Wright 

Year 2 – Elsie Adams 

Year 3 – Rosie Avery 

Year 4 – Isaac Wishart 

Year 5 – Darya Shirgir 

Year 6 – Stanley Adams, Sophie Price, Lexi Pearce, George Hutchinson, Finn Smith, Phoebe Evans, Louie Taylor, Jessica Watson 

The new Sandown School Council had their first meeting on Wednesday 11th January. The children introduced themselves to each other and talked about the essential skills needed to be a School Councillor.

After that, the children discussed this term’s focus on Reading and how we can continue to promote a love of reading across the school. The children came up with some brilliant ideas and returned to class to gather more information from their peers. We look forward to hearing their super suggestions at our next meeting. 

School Council photos

The School Council in action!