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School Council

At Sandown School we value student voices and active participation in shaping our school community. Our Sandown School Council (SSC) serves as a platform for students to engage in decision-making processes, voice their concerns, and contribute to the improvement of our school environment.

Impact from 2022-2023: Promote a Love of Reading

Last year’s SSC worked hard to promote the love of reading in the school by setting up the ‘Indoor, Outdoor Library’. They requested donations of books from our community and were inundated with them. Thank you!

This space is now being used every lunchtime, run by Year 6 School Librarians, and is a much loved space by all. Due to the popularity of this space, we are extending the area. We’ll keep you posted!

Focus for 2023-2024: British Values

Term 1

We kicked off term 1 with the old Sandown School Council (SSC) passing over their seats to hopeful new candidates. There was a whole school democracy week where each year group learnt about what this means and how they can ensure they are being democratic. Following on from this, each class used their British values and had a vote to elect their class school council member.

Term 2

In term 2, the SSC’s focus was ‘respect’. All children in the school were learning to be respectful of others and property. We created a respect dojo and this has carried on since. Take a look at our video the SSC created.

Term 3

This term the focus was ‘tolerance’. The SSC held assemblies for KS1 and KS2 to introduce this and tolerance was shown in many curriculum lessons.

Term 4

The SSC are promoting ‘liberty’ this term. Watch this space to see what we do and the impact it’s had.