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New parents

As parents new to the school you may have questions. We have tried to answer them here but please contact the school office if you need further information.

If you’re delayed and cannot pick up your child at 3.20 pm

Let us know as soon as possible. We will look after your child and reassure him or her, until you arrive. If you don’t arrive by 3.30pm we will take your child to the Sunset Afterschool Club. Their qualified staff will look after them while they play and learn until you arrive.

If you want someone else to collect your child at 3.20 pm

Tell us yourself by phone, or in writing. We will not let your child go home with anyone we do not know.

Where to park your car

Park in the road next to the school, but not by the school gates or on the yellow zigzag lines. Please do not park in the carpark as this is for staff only.

To discuss your child’s progress

You can:

  • make an appointment through the school office to see your child’s class teacher after school
  • contact your child’s teacher through Class Dojo
To help in school

We welcome parent help in school. Please talk to your child’s class teacher, the deputy head or the headteacher.


If your child gets headlice then don’t panic! Ask advice from the school office or your health visitor or doctor. Treat the hair immediately then send your child back to school. The best treatment is to wash or condition hair daily and comb thoroughly with a special “nit comb”.

If you want to complain

Discuss the issue first with your child’s class teacher, or if appropriate with the Deputy Head or Headteacher.

If you cannot resolve the issue this way, then put your complaint in writing via the school office to:

  •  the headteacher, Charlie Lindsay, if it concerns school staff (except the headteacher)
  • the chair of governors, if it involves the headteacher

Please mark them as Private and Confidential.

See our complaints policy for more information.

If you think your complaint was not dealt with correctly

You can ask DfE to consider your complaint if you’ve followed all the steps in the school’s complaints procedure.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Our PTA is called Friends of Sandown. Every parent is automatically a member.