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Boys Football Tournament 2021

Posted on 19 Oct 2021 - 1 min read

By Sandown Primary School

The boys played in the mixed sex football tournament on Tuesday 19th October 2021. 15 schools attended and they played 6 games in their group, finishing undefeated and topping the group.

Sandown won their quarter final match against Sacred Heart with a last minute penalty and faced Blacklands in the semi-final. Feeling confident after beating them in their group, nothing could split the two sides this time, which meant it had to go to penalties, even after 3 each and it going to sudden death. A horrible way to go out but an experience they will never forget.

A big congratulations goes to St. Leonards C of E who were crowned champions and Robsack Wood who won the Lindsay fair play trophy.

You should all be so proud of yourselves. ⚽️💪🏻