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Learning a foreign language helps children recognize that diversity is respected and celebrated in a world of multi-cultural languages and cultures. At Sandown, we teach French as this is the language children are most likely to encounter as they move onto their next stage of education and during their future lives.


Through the teaching of French at Sandown, children are able to communicate for practical purposes.  The Curriculum is built on the Three Pillars of Language Learning; phonics, vocabulary and grammar so that children are able, with increasing confidence,  to listen, speak, read and write effectively in French. This provides opportunities for children to deeper their understanding of the world and evokes curiosity about other cultures, equipping children for future study and work in other countries.


Key Stage 1

Although the teaching of a foreign language is not statutory in Key Stage One, we find it beneficial to introduce the children to French at an early age. This may be through simple salutations, numbers or colours and exposure to the French culture through whole school celebrations, such as Bastille Day.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage Two, children study three units per year, including a foundation phonics unit at the beginning of each year. Children learn French through the key element of speaking, listening, reading and writing with grammar being woven into every lesson. Children make progress by reviewing their previous knowledge and building on it.

Please click here to see the French unit overview.

For additional information about this subject, please contact the school office and ask to speak to the subject leader.

Bastille Day

The whole school celebrated Bastille Day, ‘le quartorze juillet’, in the Summer. We all wore the colours of the French Flag, ‘le tricolore’, to school, ate French food and took part in a range of exciting cultural activities during the day. We even had our own French karaoke competition!