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At Sandown, our history intent enables children to become ‘History Detectives’, developing an understanding of chronology, asking and answering questions about the past and making deductions using primary and secondary sources. Our aim is to bring History alive through the use of artefacts and a range of exciting trips and visitors. We are privileged to have a close link with Hastings Museum which enables us to give children with the opportunity to see and handle genuine, original historical artefacts and high quality replicas and also provides access to excellent workshops about the history of our town.

Year 3

Year 3 started the year with a Stone Age day to kick start their new History topic. As part of this day, the children came to school wearing traditional Stone Age clothing. Throughout the day the children took part in lots of fun-filled activities to support their learning. They start the day foraging the woods for leaves before making their own Stone Age necklaces out of clay. They created their necklaces with clay teeth, bones and flax. To finish the day the children had a go at cave painting. They drew pictures they imagined might have been on the walls such as hunters, animals and sceneries.

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