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At Sandown Primary School we follow the East Sussex Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.  Our aim is to ensure that our children develop a good understanding of other people’s beliefs, faiths and religions.  We learn about Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Through Religious Education lessons we encourage the children to develop an understanding and respect for others and themselves.

The Religious Education Syllabus is divided into two sections:

AT1 -Learning about Religion and Belief This includes learning about beliefs, ways of life and forms of expression.

AT2 - Learning from Religion and Belief This includes thinking about identity and belonging.

Lessons are taught in exciting and engaging ways, often using role play and exploring religious artefacts.  We visit the local church and encourage members of the wider community to come in and talk about their religious beliefs.


For additional information about this subject, please contact the school office and ask to speak to the subject leader.


Celebrating religious holidays

These photos are a Diva Lamp from when we celebrated Divali and Angel Gabriel in our Nativity.

Key to Life Bus

In term 1 in 2019 the Christian Schools Workers visited Sandown with the Key to Life Bus.  The children learnt about Christianity through games and interactive resources. Here are some reflections from the children:

Year 6 child- ‘The reason that I really enjoyed the RE bus is that they made it really fun with the touch screens all around us, which is not what we were expecting! We played really fun games and got to share our own opinions with others.’

Year 6 child- ‘I really enjoyed the RE bus because it was a great way to make everyone feel included and it was just fun in general! We played lots of games, some with everybody’s participation and some games with just individual participation. Even people that don’t believe in Jesus were having just as much fun as people who do. Everyone was so engaged in what they were doing and the adults were all lovely and did a great job! Thank you to everyone who made our time in the RE bus so fun!’

Year 4 child- ‘Even though I am not religious, I quite liked it when they told us the stories of how Mary had Jesus’

Year 1 child- ‘We learnt about Jesus. He did miracles. We liked making the stars in the sky.’