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At Sandown Primary School and Nursery, we encourage children to be excited about and develop their curiosity in the world around them from an early age. Our curriculum is wide and varied and shows progression from nursery through to year 6, promoting positive attitudes to the learning of Science. Children become equipped with key foundational knowledge as well as scientific skills. Our Science toolkit encourages children to think about the scientific skills they are using in their learning which equips them to acquire the knowledge and make links in the scientific world.

Strong links are made with Science across the curriculum, including Maths and English. Children also have the opportunity to explore more independently through Science and STEM clubs and parents, all staff and children are invited to nominate a child for our bi-weekly Bright Sparks award in our Funky Friday assembly.

STEM @ Sandown, March 2020

This year, we are focusing on careers in STEM  and challenging gender stereotypes. Each year group will have the opportunity to explore careers in STEM and meet someone who works in this field from farmers to chemists. Through asking questions, the children will be finding out hat the person’s job involve, what career pathway they took and what they like and dislike about their career.

Exploring how to be a scientist

The journey of plastic

During Science Week 2019, the children at Sandown explored the journey of plastic during their Science lessons from finding out the uses of plastics, how it is made and how it affects the environment. The children’s (and community’s) response to the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ message was phenomenal with many taking on the naked lunch challenge and signing up to a PLASTIC Pledge.  We hope to carry on with the good work by continuing the crisp packet and coffee pod recycling scheme, raising money for Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance.