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At Sandown Primary School and Nursery, we encourage children to be excited about and develop their curiosity in the world around them from an early age. Our curriculum is wide and varied and shows progression from nursery through to year 6, promoting positive attitudes to the learning of Science.


By the time they leave Sandown, children are excited and curious about the world around them and are equipped with key foundational knowledge as well as the Scientific skills to question, investigate, report and analyse natural phenomena.


Our Science toolkit encourages children to think about the scientific skills they are using in their learning.

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Our children start exploring science in our Nursery and Reception classes, as part of the Knowledge of the World Area of Learning.

Our youngest children love exploring our huge school grounds throughout the seasons.

They also show curiosity as they investigate questions linked to their topic learning.

Key Stage 1

In Year 1 and 2, the children start the National Curriculum programmes of study for science.

In Year 1 the children are excited to investigate and record by observing, identifying and classifying the animals they meet on their school trip to the Rare Breeds Farm.

They can analyse by using observations to answer questions when finding out about the seasons and weather.

In Year 2 the children investigate, analyse and record when growing plants.

They also show curiosity whist investigating questions about materials and recording their findings.

Key Stage 2

In Year 3 and Year 4, children build on their Science skills and vocabulary by doing comparative and fair tests, taking more accurate measurements and recording these results using a range of bar charts, diagrams and drawings. The children widen their knowledge of animals and humans, plants and materials as well as exploring new topics such as light, sound and electricity. 


In Year 5 and Year 6, the children continue to add to their tool kit of Scientific skills by planning a range of Scientific enquiries, recording results with more precision and complexity as well as analysing and presenting their finding, using their conclusions to make predictions for future investigations. The children also learn how to analyse scientific evidence and research.  

By using these skills, the children deepen and extend their knowledge of the world around them whilst continuing to be curious to find out more.